Materials and Supplies for DIY Home Paint and Sip in Sydney

Paint and sip events are becoming increasingly prominent in Sydney, and this trend is encouraging more people to try it. When you have the chance to take part in a paint and sip party here in Sydney, you are in for a lot of fun and adventure. So, as a student, get ready to exercise your artistic talents and give your support back to the local studio. For a start, you will have a very refreshing and relaxing atmosphere and the benefit of gaining a great deal from professional artists. Click here to know more about paint and sip supplies in Sydney, Australia.

Working in the studio is one thing; setting up a paint and sip party at home is another. The setting of a home has its peculiar benefits that include the flexibility to do the painting anyhow you like. You can also bring in your family members, and everyone can spend as much time as they want. After all, you are not paying for a time like you have in the studio, which may also be costlier to use. As a result, doing paint and sip at home is quite different from doing it in the studio. 

Regarding this paint and sip party in Sydney, there are several supplies and materials that you need to put in place. Apart from the materials, you also need to prepare for the participants and associated logistics. This article contains these items in great detail and helpful tips to give you a fantastic experience and fond memories. Below are the essential materials for a good sip and paint in Sydney. 

Paint and Sip Materials in Sydney

  • Acrylic paint  
  • Brushes 
  • Aprons
  • Instructional easels
  • Table-top easels
  • Table cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Canvasses for each participant and the tutor
  • Palettes or paper plates
  • Water containers
  • A hairdryer to quickly dry your painting and protect them

10 Setup Instructions for Paint and Sip Sessions in Sydney

You should take the following standard steps when setting up the home for a paint and sip session. 

  1. Based on the number of people who will attend, provide the same number of chairs and tables to accommodate them. For instance, a dining table of about 5 by 3 inches can house up to 6 easels. However, you may need to rearrange the room for extra tables, which is also a factor of how many guests you will be having
  2. Lay the table cloths on the table and place the easels and the canvases in their proper places
  3. Also, put the proper set of brushes, paint palettes, water cups, towels, or rags in each easel. You need the correct brush size for painting, ensuring you have them in front of an easy easel.
  4. If you are the art tutor, you need to provide a demonstration or instructional area to pass information. However, ensure that it is in a position that everyone can see without obstruction. You should set up a standing easel and a table to keep your brushes, water cups, and colour palettes for work in that area.
  5. Set up a sample painting or masterpiece for the work where everyone can see it. In some cases, it may be a printout that you will use as a visual model for the painting. 
  6. Suppose you are using a visual teaching method with a video. You may need to set up your audio visual device such as the TV or projector in that case. Let the video you intend to use, already paused in play after previewing it.
  7. There should also be a paint station to keep extra brushes, paper towels and even paints
  8. Assign a distributor to give out any needed item to the participant who needs them. Moreover, there are two ways to share colour among painters. One is to pass the colour palette around, while the second is passing colour bottles or cups around.
  9. Use graphite paper to do some pre-tracing designs on the canvas before you begin painting. And you can provide the same for your students. 
  10. Ensure a cleaner is in place to tidy up the place when the class is over.

4 Common questions that paint and sip students ask in Sydney

Which paint is the best? 

There are different categories of paints available for paint and sip parties, you must note. Mainly, it depends on the need for the paint and the level of professionalism of the user. For instance, the Shop Paint party supplies include 

  • Craft paints. This type of paint is basically the best for canvas and works fine with a low budget. Many times, craft paints are usually acrylic paints, except the manufacturer says otherwise. An example of craft paint is the Apple Barrel paints available for online purchase. 
  • Students’ grade paints. If you have a small group of students and like to upgrade your paints’ quality, choose the students’ grades. Your clear options include the Liquitex BASICS, Artist’s Loft and DecoArt Americana

How much paint do I need?

Experience taught me that a 2 oz bottle of craft paint can serve up to 8 students in the group. So, my general formula for colour consumption is 0.2 oz per colour per painter. But if we need more of a single colour, it is advisable to just buy an extra bottle of that colour. For instance, I consider white to be a staple colour, so I buy an extra bottle of white. 

What type of brushes should I have?

The choice of brush picks depend on the size and nature. But a good variety will serve you well because if you miss one, you can improvise others for use. One general brush type to consider for paint and sip adventures in Sydney includes the Royal big kids’ choice brushes. Although brushes are available in packs, you can still order some as individual brush picks. Some typical examples of paint party-based types of brushes include 

  • #12 Bright brush
  • #6 Round  brush
  • #2 Round brush 
  • ¾ inches flat brush

What is the best canvas for paint and sip parties?

The standard canvas size for paint parties is 16 x 20 inches, but some artists like me prefer some custom sizes. For instance, I recommend 11 x 14 inches or the 12 x 16 inches canvas size when hosting a paint and sip event in Sydney. The primary reason for a careful choice of canvas is to avail you of enough space for other things. 

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