Tips and Tricks to Organizing a Virtual Paint and Sip Night in Sydney

There is an undeniable growth in the popularity of paint and sip nights here in Sydney. Moreover, during the pandemic, many people discovered new ways to use their time through paint parties. Meanwhile, it is not likely that they could host a physical paint and sip party since there was a lockdown. In other words, virtual paint and sip night have invariably replaced the physical ones. It involves joining with friends online to do a painting together. visit to know more about Paint and Sip Classes in Sydney.

One significant difference between a virtual class is that each participant has to provide the resources for the painting process. You need to supply the paintbrushes, canvas, easel, aprons, water cups, and other needed items. 

Below are some of the most crucial tips to help you achieve great results in the online session.

Choose the right supplies

There is practically no way to overemphasize this fact. The materials you provide may determine how successful the paint and sip sessions will look like. It is one thing if you have painted before and can think of the required items, while it is quite another if you have no experience of painting. You really don’t have to bother about where to get the items. Most art stores have them, and you just have to order them online, and they get shipped to your doorstep. 

Some of the most common items that need to be available include the following;

  • Acrylic paints
  • A palette, usually a disposable plastic tray
  • A painting surface such as canvas, wood, or paper
  • Set of Paintbrushes
  • Paper towels, rags, or old clothes that you could use for cleansing
  • Soap for cleaning
  • A water cup or jar

How to pick supplies that include paints and painting kits

Picking a paint and kit

There are basically two essential paint qualities – the student’s paint quality and the artist’s paint quality. As a student or participant in the paint and sip event, pick the student quality, which is often cheaper but has more inadequate coverage and quality. Also, the artist’s paint gives you more ease when painting because it contains richer pigments for better coloration. All in all, it all depends on your budget. Meanwhile, you also need to pick student quality for the other items in your kit.

Pick a size

It is also crucial to pick the right size of both the paint and other items you need. For instance, acrylic paints may come in 2 oz or 32 oz tubes, where the former is fine for a single virtual painter. In fact, the tube can last more than you think if you are using it alone. However, you may get a larger size if you need to paint alongside a few other people or your partner. 

Pick colors

Colors are also fundamental among the items in your toolkit. For instance, a complete acrylic paint kit should have between 6 and 10 different colors to combine for excellent final output. For instance, your kit may comprise black, yellow, orange, red, crimson, black, green, and blue. 

Paint and sip live supply

If you register for a virtual paint and sip class in Sydney, many of the hosts may find a way to send you a complete kit. In other words, when you register for the event, they request your address and send you a beginner’s painting kit in a matter of days. This kit will contain all the items that you need for the first time at least. 

Arranging a painting zone

No doubt, you usually paint in a studio. But due to the specific requirement of painting alongside others, you may decide to pick particular locations. For instance, you can convert your living room into a painting studio with your dining room and kitchen tables comfortably serving as easels. Arrange the whole place and put the tables at the center to hold your canvasses, easels, and other items. Each easel you use must contain water cups and trays, sets of brushes, paper towels, palettes, and a teaching zone.

As the arts tutor, your teaching zone is vital while positioning a camera or webcam for online interaction. A painting zone should also have the model or master painting where all participants can view it. With this guide, the tutor can guide each person on how to do what since it is assumed that everyone is an amateur. The complexity of the instructions and the progress you can make may depend on the level of your painting skills. 

Buy Beverages.

Paint and sip in Sydney is not just about the painting but also the drinks. The painting party has to include a plan for drinking. The drinking part is what differentiates a paint and sip class from a regular painting class. Also, note that during the sessions, the rules that guide alcohol consumption are also more relaxed. Perhaps, the reason is that people may become more relaxed to make their choices. So, whether you have a regular beer, wine, cocktails, smoothie, shakes, and other non-alcoholic drinks, virtual paint parties can light up your day.

Go on and join a paint and sip class with pinot & Picasso

One of the remarkable benefits of registering for paint and sip classes with Pinot & Picasso is the flexibility we give to participants. When you apply for a virtual paint class with us, you can be sure that we have every item to your taste. You get to have a live DJ, professional artists to guide and tutor you, and a very beginner-friendly environment for optimum productivity. All you need to do is to get some friends together and sign up for a virtual paint and sip class, which can even cover for participants outside Sydney. You may want to share with us your experience after the drunk painting class. 

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